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Rahel Callender, known behind the turn tables as Empress Rah, is an Atlanta Based Open Format DJ. Born a first generation Jamaican-Guyanese American, this Oakland, California native brings a diverse, eclectic energy that will undoubtedly unite people from different backgrounds under one sound. Her love affair with music has allowed her to gain a platform to connect with people from all over the globe and develop a DJ style that has yet to be emulated.


Her addiction to music started at an early age when she would watch her father rock out to timeless classics such as Otis Redding, Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones. She realized then that music evokes emotions and the only way that she can curb her addiction is by controlling the music. Thus a DJ was born.  Empress Rah is known for fusing genre-bending sounds that create a lasting impression for her audience. Her vibe is as powerful as her name suggests and no matter the occasion or event, after an encounter with her music you will know what it means to “Live in the Moment.”

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